Welcome to our new website Larimar Clinic network expands the company  jobs are needed for a variety of professional fields

Welcome to our new website Larimar Clinic network expands the company  jobs are needed for a variety of professional fields

Larimar clinic the leading network in Israel for technology and beauty.

Larimar clinic chain is the leading chain in Israel in the field of care and beauty. All care and beauty services under one roof and among the highest in the industry.

We provide services in the areas of laser hair removal, wild medical cosmetics, treatment for toning and firming the body, injections, permanent makeup, pedicures, manicures, nail construction, massages and more.

We work with the world’s leading suppliers in the field of aesthetics and provide modern technologies to our customers.
Our operating hours on days

Sunday-Thursday from 09:00 – 22:00.
Fridays and holiday eves between 09:00 – 15:00.

The chain has 8 branches nationwide with an 11-year reputation in the field with the best experts available to you for dedicated, pleasant and quality care from the first call until the next time.

Our Services

Laser Hair Removal With Best R SHR Technology!
Soprano Titanium

Soprano Titanium The advanced generation of laser hair removal treatments – exceptional speed and exceptional comfort

SHR is the only method of laser hair removal, which has been proven in clinical studies as a painless treatment method, and as the safest method for treating children and adolescents, in all skin tones, even dark and tanned skin.

Firming the body and rejuvenating the facial skin
Scale reduction Treatment for cellulite and scars
The ACCENT PRO system is designed to renew and firm the facial and body skin for the treatment of a variety of aesthetic defects in the skin, in a treatment that does not involve pain
And does not require recovery time.
Wild medical facials
With age the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, a decrease in the quality of skin tissue.
Our wild medical facial treatments will resume the production of collagen fibers in the skin tissue,
To restore a younger and firmer skin appearance.
Hyaluronic acid (Botox)
The new generation of hyaluronic acid
Filling volume, wrinkles and natural shaping of the contours of the face
The company works with the leading companies in the field
ALIAXIN, manufactured by the Swiss pharmaceutical company IBSA,
STYLAGE® is manufactured in VIVACY France laboratories
French Botox Disport.
Full / medical ISPA pedicure
The pedicure is designed to maintain the health of the feet and prevent complicated medical conditions.
At the end of a cosmetic pedicure treatment on the feet, the stage of applying the nail polish will arrive, depending on the patient’s choice.
After the treatment the skin of the foot will be soft and fresh, the foot will look aesthetically pleasing and delicate.
ISPA manicure / nail construction
A variety of nail polishes and gel colors to choose from NND, OPI and more.
Professional manicurists in a fun atmosphere.
High level of hygiene and modern equipment.
Massage massages of all kinds
All our therapists are reliable and have certification certificates from the leading schools in the field of massage and treatment.
A professional massage service in a relaxing and relaxed atmosphere awaits you with us.
Permanent Makeup
Emphasize the contours of the eyebrows, lashes and lips in a soft and refined way according to the structure of the face, in order to get a natural and full vital look.
The technicians who specialize in permanent makeup are professional and have extensive experience and knowledge.
Wax hair removal
Shaping eyebrows, mustache and other areas
Waxed hair removal leaves skin smooth, for a period of one week to ten days. The treatments are performed by qualified therapists.




We have a professional, high-quality and responsible team that will do whatever it takes to provide professional care to your satisfaction.

Experience & certification

The team has certification and rich experience and extensive knowledge in the professional field. Responsible and punctual workers, the caregivers will provide answering services with great precision The staff operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.


Attentive and communicative works In order for good care to be important, communication between therapist and patient is important, we know how to create a good atmosphere with positive and relaxing energy and thus we will make the treatment perfect.

שירותיות ונתינה

A dedicated staff with an attentive ear and patience. The care invested is noticeable, our services are provided wholeheartedly.

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Shimon L.

I thought iSpa is for men only but I came for facial treatment and laser hair removal and I am very pleased with the

Rachel T.

I came for a facial and a volume statement, after a few treatments I want to praise Dorit for the amazing process I went

Lea Y.

I would like to warmly recommend the amazing service given to me and all the warm treatment and dedicated care! I will definitely be

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